(Contient les épisodes US Thor (2007) 9-12, Thor (1966) 600-603 et Thor Giant-Size Finale, précédemment publiés dans MARVEL SELECT : THOR 2) – marka nadana większości komiksów amerykańskiego wydawnictwa Marvel Comics, publikowanych od października 2012 do maja 2015.Oznakowane nią serie o superbohaterach ze świata Marvela otrzymały nową numerację (od numeru 1), choć najczęściej ich fabuła była kontynuacją wcześniejszych odcinków. A Diamond Select Release! Thor: God of Thunder Volume 4: The Last Days of Midgard (Marvel Now) Jason Aaron. Marvel Makes a Huge Change to Thor's Origin Black Clover's Anime Will End Next Month New PlayStation Plus Free Games for February Are Now Available With free time in overwhelming abundance right now, Marvel fans launched into a fierce Twitter battle on Sunday night over which is the worst MCU movie: Iron Man 3 or Thor… As of issue #36, the title used dual numbering in a tribute to the original Thor series, and the caption box for said issue became #36 / #538 (June 2001). Thor peut-il le ramener sans donner une nouvelle chance à son demi-frère Loki par la même occasion ? At the start of Donny Cates and Nic Klein's new series centered on the God of Thunder, Thor became Galactus' new herald in order to battle the Black Winter, which destroyed the Devourer of World's original universe. Thor a réussi à ressusciter tous ses camarades asgardiens, mais Odin manque à l'appel. Before him lies the Black Winter; behind, a trail of death wrought by his own hand. Marvel NOW! OK on to apply the changes yay! From there, she went to Marvel Studios and went through the Thor 2 experience, which ultimately brought her back to Warner Bros. a handful of years later. Sexual politics aside, Marvel has a reputation for calling its own shots. THE BLACK WINTER AND THE DEVOURER KING! The movie released as “Thor: The Dark World” in 2013. I have never been a fan of Thor as told by Marvel. I also agree with the point that Thor 2* main ability is his green cover and so that yellow cover can help him to regenerate that power faster if I use him alone in certain teams. The title ran until issue #85 / #587, dated December 2004. The directors Marvel is now considering -- including Game of Thrones vets Daniel Minahan and Alan Taylor-- are all men. Full version available on selected Digital Downloads of Doctor Strange from Feb 24 (UK) and Doctor Strange Blu-ray editions from Mar 6 (UK). Actress Natalie Portman reprises her role as Dr. Jane Foster in Thor: The Dark World this fall, and Diamond Select Toys has teamed up with Gentle Giant to capture her on-screen look! When the character was returned to the mainstream Marvel Universe, Thor was relaunched with Thor vol. Thor (Marvel NOW!) Marvel Comics has now given CBR an exclusive preview of Thor #2 that teases just how deadly the Black Winter actually is and why Galactus is so afraid. 2, #1 (July 1998). Sculpted by Gentle Giant! Jenkins was replaced on “Thor 2”, a critical dud, by Alan Taylor.